Wednesday, 30 December 2015



Selamat kembali ke dunia blogger untuk diri sendiri. Haha. 
Oh well, this is my new blog. I used to have a blog before, tapi blog dari zaman study diploma, zaman-zaman muda remaja baru nak kenal dunia. Rasa nak tampar muka sendiri bila baca entri-entri lama. So I just make a little renovation on my old blog and use it for new blog. Tadaaa! I'll make sure this new blog will not messy with glitter wording, walks wording. Ahaha. lol

Actually I loves reading more than writing. I don't have idea why I still want to keep my blog. Otherwise, I just can delete the account and read entries posted by other blogger. Maybe, sbb byk membaca teringin nak menulis jugak. Maybe la. Hehe.  Some time I do feel that I need a space to talks but I don't need anybody stand or sit in front of me. So here it is. Blog ni takkan la updated every weeks ke, every months pun tak janji sbb owner bukan blogger tegar. Haha. But if I've idea to share with and time not so jealous with me, yes I will update.

Okay, that's all for today. Stay tuned for the next update.